Our Features

Wordpress Plugin - Get Started Easily!

By using our wordpress plugin you can easily show the tuning specifications on your website. Within the plugin several adjustments are possible which can be easily done without any technical knowledge. 

For example, you have the option to determine the colors and texts yourself. It is a matter of installing the plugin, activating it and putting the shortcode in the desired place. For the complete documentation you can download the manual for the wordpress plugin under your account.


Create Your Own Implementation by using our API

API Access

By using our API you can build your own implementation based on our data provided by the API. If you choose this solution, everything is in your hands!
*Please note that some technical requirements are required for this.
Our API offers the following options:
- Query brands
- Query models
- Query generations
- Query Engines
- Query complete details for a given brand, model, generation and engine

Large Set Of Data Available

We have a large set of data from different brands, generations and engines. 
By using our API you get access to over 90 brands!
- 90+ Brands Available
- 1400+ Models Available
- 2000+ Generations Available
- 10 000+  Engines Available

By using one of our packages, you get FULL Access to these data sets.

We Are Here To Help You!

We provide full support on every package! If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask! We are here to help you.

Don't have a wordpress website?
Contact us and we will see if it possible to develop a plugin/extension for your platform. 
Individual implementations are always possible (at an additional cost)